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As for the candidates of PiS – those due to high social support for their parent party (CBOS research indicates that in August 2018.

Legal assessment presented by the office can not be a benchmark for other cases which apparently may seem similar. Samorządowa campaign has entered a critical phase. 26 September municipal election commissions have registered the last candidates for mayors and presidents of cities, and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) rozlosowała numbers of electoral lists for committees nationwide. From the perspective of large cities and major political parties registration of candidates for the most important offices in local government was a mere formality. At least since August 14th., When Mateusz Morawiecki Prime Minister announced the election date (October 21), thus officially starting the election campaign. Many of your campaigns conducted before, but after the August 14 election committees can register and start working officially.

Underlining these facts is important for at least two reasons. First, you should be aware that, in spite of all the current candidates and committees election calendar, in fact, the biggest battle for the city has been going on for several months, and in many small towns and municipalities campaign starts only now. See also: Bank of Best Practices of Local Government, or a set of recommendations for the future of local government [REPORT] »KBW: All the rules governing the conduct of elections have already been established” Second, which of course results in some way with the first, for example, of Warsaw, but the whole Polish, thanks to the numerous transfers of media for a long time can get to know the candidates, their program, proposals and promises, but also to observe tripping. Voters from smaller towns, where the last candidates for mayors and heads of municipalities registered in the municipal election commissions until September 26, the names of all candidates in the local media will only now, and the first election materials (those candidates who have the registration of waiting until the last minute), you will receive only after some time. Why many electoral committees registered their candidates for presidents, mayors and heads of municipalities until September 26, deliberately reducing their time to campaign only three weeks?

From a marketing point of view, this could be considered a thoughtful strategy, and probably in many cases it was. Waiting for registration of a candidate to the last day, often even hours, it gives the opportunity to develop a campaign plan in the silence of offices, taking kontrkandydatowi opportunity to prepare for a smooth repel the attack. Local Government realities, however, are usually mundane. Vain search for examples there carefully constructed marketing plans. Many committees had problems with completing the candidates for councilors, and while this is not done, the leaders themselves do not know whether they will be able to run the most important office in the local government. Many leaders of smaller, local election committees, even those who managed to complete the list of candidates for councilors, to the end wondering whether it makes sense to become an unequal battle with the names of the largest party or the current stewards.

Those who were waiting tactically with the start of its campaign to the end, are probably prepared for it and for the moment Recess Campaign works. Those who participate in their elections were not sure, only now begin to prepare election materials. In most cases, they are confined to posters, flyers and several banners. Although these forms of communication with voters from the perspective of Warsaw, you can already seem slightly anachronistic, but they are still effective in small towns and rural communities. Local politicians use them both with their own habits, and voters (leaflets and posters have always been so, and now must be), but also for financial reasons. The budget for the campaign to easily collect only electoral committees of current rulers and large parties (as we have subsidies from the state budget). Most small committees of campaign finance contributions from candidates.

For many of them, especially those applying for a councilor – and the NEC data shows that across the country there are 177 885 – lining up to several hundred gold (sic) advertising material is quite an expense. The vast majority of candidates (for both councilors and key position), whose average age, according to NEC, is 47 years old, did not use and will not be in this election campaign to use Twitter. Why? Because I use it, and so they would not have with whom to communicate. In many municipalities there are no local media and journalists, and in the small towns of the county do not use Twitter, or local politicians or journalists. However, the Internet, and specifically social media, play an increasing role in the campaign, even in small municipalities. That’s not the official candidates fanpage’ach pending election campaign.

For many months, we observe a rash all kinds of websites and Facebook groups dedicated to a particular city or municipality, or initiative, or problem, where lively discussions taking place, but mostly trolls, or fejkowych profiles. There are armies funded by a foreign country bots, massively enrolling comments. Typically, the fictional accounts rozsiewającymi fake news and doubts in voters hide the candidates themselves or their loved ones. This does not mean that the committees may underestimate and downplay the importance of this type of discussion in the campaign, even if you say that it is fictitious, often administered by only one person, does not cause problems. Most voters do not engage in political discussions in public, and under his own name.

We are happy, however, we read, especially comments under posts. They become for us a reliable source of information. Even if you look at it critically, it once thrown suspicion or innocent questions containing suggestions can catch fire in the minds of the voters the red warning light with the question: “Do you by chance something is not on top of things?”. Just as there should be in the local campaign to downplay the strength of social media, so it is not worth succumb to complacency – especially the serving presidents, mayors, village mayors and candidates. The current włodarzom victory herald their “mansions” and therefore closest associates. This is so where the leader exercises power for several terms of office.

Since its officials usually he hears that voters adore him and certainly appreciate the effort put into the development of the city during the parliamentary term. Of course this is wishful thinking, usually not having much in common with reality. Most residents quickly gets used to the “hot tap water,” and realized investment and social programs considered to be the standard, not something for which you should thank the local authorities. After it has been selected yet. As for the candidates of PiS – those due to high social support for their parent party (CBOS research indicates that in August 2018.

PiS would vote 44 percent. Poles) can already feel the winners. This can be seen especially in those cases where candidates do not reassure formal issues (among others gave the wrong social security numbers). In some districts, including in Jaslo, Przemysl, Ustka or Slupsk, they were not therefore registered. Justice heartedness of local activists met with sharp reaction Tomasz Poreba, chief of staff of the electoral party, who announced this while on konsekwencji.zobacz also do not trust politicians and we do not believe that voting can make a difference. What will be the turnout in the elections in 2018? »Underfunding and disinformation – are just some of the problems that municipalities already report on the organization of elections» pressure on local activists for the party leadership may result in that the closer the election, the campaign will become increasingly fierce, using all the forces and means achieve a high election result.

Local activists of the ruling party and its candidates, especially for the posts of mayors and presidents, are also aware that if he loses will have to explain the poor result, not only against the chief of staff, but perhaps before and leadership. It will not be easy, especially considering that the campaign heavily involved Mateusz Morawiecki the Prime Minister himself. Voters not only see that the Prime Minister personally to them bother, riding across the country to pat candidate on the shoulder, but also hear the announcement that the city, which will govern the stewards associated with the ruling party, can count on support from the central budget. You have to remember, however, that the local elections, in contrast even to the parliamentary governed by its own rules. Signboard of the party and the promises of government support are important, but most important are the candidates themselves.

Due to the fact that the candidates of PiS will be difficult to win in major cities, where the clash they with the current, mostly strong and this is of great support residents presidents, the activities carried out by the Prime Minister Morawiecki are directed primarily to support candidates for mayors and presidents of smaller cities . Kampanijny tour premiere in Poland is to strengthen the image of the party itself, which may translate into election results to assemblies where the voting list. And it is the result of the elections to the councils seems to depend most PiS. Each one taken from the PO-PSL coalition council will be otrąbić a nationwide success. And www.homeworkmarket.me/ for this, it will take over the management of EU funds, as it marshals’ offices manage the Regional Operational Programs. In the local government election campaign (especially in smaller cities and municipalities) far more important than sophisticated marketing tools, expensive television spots and activities on a national scale is a direct campaign, and so the meeting with voters. Candidates for councilors of municipalities, mayors and presidents are not only names on the party list, and specific individuals.

The more they shake hands in the campaign, it will gather more votes at the ballot box. Besides, local activists and candidates prefer shades from activities carried out nationwide from the capital. As for this type of marketing, exemplified billboard campaign was opposition from the holiday period, when in Poland there were posters with his face Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the slogan “Justice took millions.” Kaczynski’s party also replied to a large-advertising, a similar layout, with the slogan “Justice thieves took millions and gave them to the children.” In the network appeared in dozens, and perhaps hundreds of memes based on these images. The most interesting from the point of view of local government was the one with the slogan: “Lodz took billions and doing revitalization.” Even the candidates for the presidents of cities such as Warsaw, organize meetings in different districts, taking care as possible close contact with the residents. In the capital campaign it is indeed specific. Politicized as anywhere else, it is practically the reported live by the major television networks. Competing Rafał Trzaskowski Patryk include additional branding What a bummer, but no doubt it united candidate of the Right sets the tone for “Battle of Warsaw”.

Whether – apart from the same scale – a campaign Warsaw deserves attention because it used tools and marketing strategies? Probably not. A few days ago the news media became a tube ride Rafal Trzaskowski, together with Grzegorz Schetyna. Is the idea to the candidate, as well as thousands of citizens every day, got in transportation, can now be considered a visionary? And image would gain much more if he had been “caught” by journalists as a whole benefits from private queue.

As Adrian Zandberg (Total batch), after a televised debate during the presidential election, came out of the TV studio with party colleagues and headed for the subway. It is worth noting that in Warsaw last really two run in parallel, “election campaigns”. For some time on external media (mainly billboards and bus shelters) of Warsaw can watch how changed the time of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Although the president alone in the current campaign is not involved, and for some time (in connection with the scandal restitution) are almost never granted in public life, its name apparently appears on all of these materials. Outside Warsaw campaigns nationwide transmission virtually non-existent. Besides the promotion of the whole country candidates you are not specifically required. For free exposure on the television screen they may rely mainly known, strongly supported by their parties candidate MPs, m.in .: Malgorzata Wassermann (united candidate of the Right, ZP, president of Krakow), Polish deputy (the candidate of the Civic Coalition, KO, president of Szczecin ), Waldemar Buda (Right candidate for president of the United Łódź), New Year’s Eve Tulajew (ZP candidate for president of Lublin).

What About Patrick (ZP), Mark Jakubiaku (kukiz’15) and Rafal Trzaskowski (KO), candidate in Warsaw, not wspominając.zobacz also local elections 2018. What hours will be open polling stations? »Committees of vacancies, election officials before the start. A month’s local elections “both during the campaign and beyond, even the Office of the presidents are not very interesting characters for television broadcasting. They appear in them occasionally. The only stewards, who has had an open door to almost all TV and radio stations, was Robert Biedron, President of Slupsk.

However, after a series of negative press materials relating to alleged attempts to cover-up by the town hall of sexual harassment in Słupski Cultural Center and announced the Biedroń withdraw from the government for the construction of a new party, the politician disappeared from the media, leaving an extremely difficult and image situation, its current deputy applying for seat the mayor. Overlooked link in the current election campaign, the trend is to ask the candidates toward the residents. Of course, during each campaign they are the most important. So far, however, local politicians encouraged the electorate to cast their votes on that developed city or municipality. This time we talk about being “closer to the inhabitants and their affairs”.

Password saying that they will listen to them carefully, not revealing to the conscious voters, but those less resistant to persuasion can seduce. DGP magazine of September 28, 2018 Source: Official Legal Newspaper Nearby three weeks for local communities will therefore be extremely intense and stormy. Stewards present at any cost will try to stay in power, and new to take it over, often inflicting blows below the belt. We can expect inflation numerous fake news and disinformation. Expertise, experience, knowledge of candidates and election programs, realistic ideas for improving the quality of life and development of cities or municipalities will come down further, often unnoticed plan.

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